Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Journey with Jesus at Cal Poly Pomona

Today(9/27) we had our first new ICF meeting at Cal Poly Pomona.

There were 7 International & Immigrant students showed up: 3 of them were from non-Christian background.  This three international students (all Chinese) were interested in knowing about God through bible. It was exciting!

Yang(from Dalian, China, 2nd right): "I read bible when I was in China. Even though I was not a Christian, I like some bible verse and used them before. I like learning new things, and open to it.  But I don't believe in God."

Long (Tangshan, China, 1st right in green):" I never read bible before. My grandpa and dad are both communist, but I'm open to Christianity. Maybe in the future, I will become a Christian."

Ring (Canton, China, not in this pic): " I know there is a God, but I don't believe in Him. I need you guys to teach and help me know Him more, and maybe some day I will be a Christian."

The challenge for the campus meeting is that some students had to leave early, and the meeting period was very short (45 mins). This is very different from the ICF that I came from.  Learning.....

Monday, May 21, 2012

A surprise

Thanks God for loving the International and Immigrant Students! 

Today I met two Chinese girls named Helen & Heki at the outlet.  It began with one of the girls named Helen came to us for help.  After we had helped them, I started talking to Helen.  It turned out that I got the chance to tell her about ICF and our friday night fellowship.  The cool thing was both of them who were non-believers and came here for a very short-period of time, were so excited about ICF and wanted to join us for this coming Friday night.  Praise the LORD!  I know this was not a coincidence, but God loves and cares about His People , these two international and immigrant students. 

My prayer requests this week:

  • Helen and Heki: they would come and join our Friday night fellowship; open hearts and mind to receive what God has already prepared for them; protections from the enemy
  • Fundraising: Thanks God that I have raised 27% of the annual budget, and please keep praying for my conversation with my future supporters, the opportunity to meet more people who have the passion for the ministry. 
  • Cal Poly Pomona: Please pray for the campus, students and faculty there

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Praise the LORD

Praise the LORD! 

  • By now, I have reached 25% of my annual ministry budget, a quarter of the fundraising mission has completed within 2 months, Hallelujah!

Thanks for your support and prayers, and your commitment has helped this ministry go this far. 

Partners, here is my prayer requests for this coming week:

  • I will have an opportunity to present the ICF Cal Poly Ministry to my church friends at the young adults fellowship this Sunday, so please pray that the presentation would go well.  I would explain the ministry clearly, and my sharing would come from God's heart.  Pray for people who are in the fellowship would be interested in being partners with this ministry.  
  • Pray that God would continue to extend my network as I still have the rest of 75% to raise.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Blessed April

  • I started my fundraising in April, and thanks God, until now, I have raised 22% of the annual ministry budget.
  • My pastor and church are very supportive to the ICF ministry.  With the help of pastor Albert, I got the chance to practice the presentation with more people from my church: the board, the staff workers.
  • Last weekend, I shared the ICF ministry with the Prime Timers from my church, and I will call them back to see how many of them are interested in supporting this ministry this week. Please pray for these phone calls would go well, and God would bring more partners to the Cal Poly ICF Ministry.
  • Please pray for my boldness, humility and trust in God during this fundraising process, and may the invitation and sharing about the International & Immigrant student ministry would be a blessing to those who hear it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

  • Thanks God! I was hired by InterVaristy as a campus staff and will be ministering to the International & Immigrant Students at Cal Poly Pomona.
  • I was at the InterVarsity new staff training night, and received the whole package of fund development materials.  

This year, my ministry budget is $42, 723.
  • Please pray that God would help me to raise this amount of money in order to enable me to be on the campus